TYPO3 / TypoScript development
with Panic's Coda 2™

Ts4c is a TypoScript development plugin for the Coda 2 editor including useful features such as syntax highlighting, code autocomplete and function viewer support that make coding with TypoScript easier than ever. Ts4c is developed by Patrick Lischka for creating websites based on the Content Management System TYPO3 CMS.

Ts4c - TypoScript development plugin for the Coda 2 editor

The features at a glance

This plugin was created to support day-to-day work using the TypoScript language in Panic's Coda 2. Functions have been implemented to support various levels of coders. Integrators as well as developers will significantly reduce their time spent maintaining, developing and eliminating error sources and thus optimize their overall workflow.

TYPO3/TypoScript syntax highlighting

The TypoScript plugin implements features in Coda 2.x such as recognition of TypoScript language and color-coded highlighting of syntactical properties. Structures in code can be comprehended just like you are used to from other script languages.
Coherent blocks of code can be collapsed to establish a better overview within a TypoScript file.

TypoScript syntax highlighting<

Autocomplete for TYPO3/TypoScript

The TypoScript plugin is able to identify objects, variables and other elements of code to complete code through intelligent auto-suggest options while typing.

Autocomplete for TypoScript

Supporting the function viewer

Make it easy to look over all your TypoScript code. Browse through your code, find the functions by name and jump to the place you want.

Supporting the function viewer


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Ts4c Version 2.2.0, works only with Coda 2.x.

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